In the upcoming Madden 24, the Madden Championship Series (MCS) Tokens will be introduced in September, offering the opportunity to acquire a special player in 2024. Here's a guide on how Madden players can obtain Madden 24 Coins these Tokens and complete the Champion Set.

Before the start of the 2023 NFL season, EA Sports is launching the competitive esports season for Madden 24 and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

MUT players can enhance their team by acquiring Madden Championship Series (MCS) player items and a unique Champion reward player in the coming months.

Here's a breakdown of how MUT players can obtain MCS Tokens to acquire the Champion player.

Acquiring Madden 24 MCS Tokens

Madden 24 MCS Tokens can be obtained by watching official Madden Championship Series streams.

Please note that the watch time requirements may vary. However, it is important to link your EA account to a Twitch account in order to receive the Drops rewards.

MCS Tokens will be awarded starting from September 5 during the Madden 24 MUT Ultimate Kickoff tournament, which will run from September 5-6. The action on both days will commence at 6:30 PM ET.

During the Ultimate Kickoff event, players can claim up to four Madden 24 MCS Tokens. Here's an overview of the rewards and the corresponding watch time requirements:

September 5:

15 minutes: Standard Drop pack
60 minutes: MCS Drop pack*
120 minutes: MCS Drop pack*
180 minutes: Standard Drop pack
240 minutes: Standard Drop pack
September 6:

15 minutes: Standard Drop pack
60 minutes: Standard Drop pack
120 minutes: MCS Drop pack*
150 minutes: MCS Drop pack*
(*indicates Token Drop)
Other MCS streams will take place on October 18, November 14, December 6, and January 10. The final stream will be the Madden Bowl, with the date yet to be determined.

Similar to the Ultimate Kickoff event, the Madden Bowl stream will also provide Tokens. The requirements for that event have not been determined yet, but please note that Ultimate Kickoff MCS Tokens cannot be used for the Madden Bowl player.

Completing the Madden 24 MCS Champion Set

EA has announced that MUT players will have the opportunity to obtain six special MCS player items using the Tokens obtained from Twitch MCS Drops. The first player item is an 88 OVR version of Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons, which includes additional abilities such as Pick Artist and Unpredictable.

To acquire the 88 OVR Parsons, players will need three MCS Tokens.

Afterward, players will need to watch the next four streams from October to January for 120 minutes each to earn the four Challenger player rewards.

Once the six major events on the MCS schedule and the Madden Bowl conclude Cheap Mut 24 Coins, a special Champion set will be released. MUT players will be required to add all the MCS Token players to the set in order to obtain a high OVR player.